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New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars Release Da Independents Oct. 18th

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New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars return with their fifth installment in less than 120 days, “Da Independents” featuring Corner Boy P, Da U Boys, Tim Smooth, TNC Boys, Partners N Crime, Devious, Fiend, Jay Jones, Big Ramp, Bruce-Lee Roy, KG Boys, Marcy, Redd, Mz. Wizdom, EazyMoney, Magnolia Shorty, Konfo, Majesty Sozey, Young Torrento,  and more.  This mixtape exhibits the rawness and lyrical prowess of New Orleans and will definitely become a favorite of true heads and “snap backs.”
Scheduled to release on October 18th, Da Independents is a highly awaited mixtape being released on the heels of Da U Boys’ “Tha Shut Down”, Corner Boy P’s “Limitless”, and Fiend/Don Cannon mixtape.  “NOUE tries to stay aligned with what’s hot in the streets of New Orleans so we can keep things moving consistently.” Da Independents will be available at most major mixtape sites, blogs, and forums.  Follow the New Orleans Union For Entertainment  @NOUE1.


New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-The Deployment-911 Mixtape Release

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According to Webster’s dictionary, the word deploy means to spread out for a deliberate purpose. In the world of urban music, the purpose is to collectively advance and overcome unwarranted obstacles says the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars.  In memory of the tragic invasion that occured on September 11th in 2001, another great body of work has been created.  “The Deployment” features Jay Da Menace’s “A Soldier’s Story” which is a tribute to America’s troops.  Timely and appropriate, New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars assemble some of its seasoned artists such as Ghetto Twiinz, Fiend, UNLV, Devious, Mista Meana, Cheeky Blakk, Ms. Tee, the late Tim Smooth, Sporty T., and Soulja Slim.  Be sure to add this memorable anthology to your personal collection as the Crescent City’s finest batch of talent delivers poetic creativity while recalling the incidents of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  As “The Shutdown” by Da U Boys approaches its release on September 20th, they are also featured along with a cast of young guns like The Show, Majesty Sozey, Young Torrento, and AMG. “The Deployment is a special project centered around our soldiers in music and it pays homage to our common American soldier and citizens who have been affected by unforeseen events in our lifetime.”

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment announces the release of “Real Recognize Real” which is dedicated to Tim Smooth

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     New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars present their third various artists mixtape, Real Recognize Real, which features the late Tim Smooth, Ice Mike, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Devious, Da U Boys, Cheeky Black, Mia X, Kunta Fly Snooka, Majesty Sozey, The Rap Pack, Ms. Tee, and more.  This 25 song mixtape maintains consistency as it follows the Essence Festival and Allies mixtape releases.  As the New Orleans Union For Entertainment continues to flourish, structure begins to form for New Orleans hip hop.
     “One of the main dilemmas New Orleans has faced over the years as it relates to hip hop is structure.  We have always had a ton of talent but only a small amount of industrial structure.  NOUE is addressing this concern because most hardworking artists echo this opinion,” stated Devious.  New Orleans Union For Entertainment is an action based collective that features artists in its blog, on its internet radio affiliate stations,, Heat magazine, Dtv, Ramp Tv, Phat Phat n All That, and more.    Where there is a plethora of talent in cities like New Orleans and New York, the possibility of a lack of structure is bound to rear its ugly head.  However, New Orleans Union For Entertainment is equipped with professionals which offer their services at reasonable rates.  As a result, several artists have leaped over the obstacle of rejection and are now making progress in the advancement of their career regardless of their musical style.  The beauty of the NOUE can be likened to “a pot of gumbo,” because the collective supports all genres and levels of hip hop.  “Our mixtapes and radio stations play young, old, bounce, hip hop, gangster, alternative, and more.”
The mixtape series consolidates New Orleans rap and allows industry professionals to be able to observe a variety of relevant music all at once in contrast to finding New Orleanians in a scattered fashion.  Be sure to download NOUE All Stars mixtape series at,,, etc.  According to Mista Meana of Partners N Crime, Legendary Dj Erv of Robgradio, and Devious, the mission is to advance the music and careers of New Orleans artists and businesses.  This advancement can also come in the form of networking opportunities, financial empowerment, and dissemination of information that can assist artists  in other areas of their personal lives. For more information on New Orleans Union For Entertainment, follow at @NOUE1.


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We often speak of “legends” in one way or another. Some times the word is tossed around loosely, but in the case of Timothy “Tim Smooth” Smoot, there is no better description.

The Knight From the Heights - R.I.P. Tim Smooth


Brother, husband, son, friend, emcee, artist, originator – the list is endless. The world lost a legendary genius just after midnight on June 26, 2011, one for whom there is no replacement. Tim takes his place in Heaven next to those who went before him – and he is smiling down on the music world now.

Tim Smooth left a mark on our world for certain, but more importantly, he left behind a huge imprint in the hearts of his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. His loss is being felt all across the entertainment world and will for some time to come.

“Not too many times a person can be a STRANGER IN YOUR LIFE, but a BROTHER IN YOUR HEART. Tim was MORE THAN AN ARTIST, but gave NO LESS THAN A FATHER. I won’t MOURN HIS LOSS, because FOR GOD, he has become a MONUMENTAL GAIN. The KNIGHT FROM THE HEIGHTS will now protect our NIGHTS FROM A BETTER HEIGHT.” – Seven “Quinspirations” Johnson

Tim fought a courageous battle with cancer. Word of his passing met with shock and disbelief, but by mid-morning, had resulted in a social media campaign to let him know how much he would be missed. Facebook, Twitter and all avenues in between were set on fire with beautiful tributes to the self-professed, “Knight From the Heights.”


Many of our younger artists do not realize what an impact Tim Smooth’s contributions made to the music world – and judging from the comments we have heard throughout the morning, afternoon and into this evening – an even bigger impact was made on the world around him.

“Tim Smooth will forever be in our Music History. He was one of our most profound lyricists to date. Thank you Tim, for all your contributions!” – DJ Ro Watts

Tim Smooth was one of our own – an N.O.U.E. member and brother – therefore it is only fitting that we embark upon a series of posts in which we will remember him in the way in which he deserves to be memorialized – as a person who touched the world around him and whose presence obviously made a tremendous difference to those who mourn his passing.

“Today we lost a legend in the New Orleans Hip Hop world, a man whose influence spread farther than lot of casual rap fans can imagine. At 12:30 AM this morning, Timothy Smoot, known throughout the Hip Hop world as Tim Smooth, lost a hard fought battle with cancer. While the music industry lost one of the last truly gifted rappers, I lost a true friend.” – DJ EF Cuttin

Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments about Tim Smooth and the impact he made on you.

Salute To Legend, Tim Smooth (VIDEO)

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R.I.P. to a true legend

N.O.U.E. extends our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Timothy “Tim Smooth” Smoot. Tim was a legend and helped to put New Orleans music on the map. He will be missed.

Tim Smooth, we salute you.