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Da U Boys Bring Substance To “Otis” with their “U Mix” “We all We Got!!”

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Reviewed by Dion Norman

As September 20 approaches, the will of a man grows stronger.  The will of Da U intensifies as they continue to overcome hurdles in the wavering music industry.  The hardwork will bear its fruits because this group has become a mainstay in New Orleans rap.  It’s much easier to quit when the battle seems tough, but this group is relentless.  Check out Da U Boys on NOUE mixtape series as we anxiously await “Tha Shutdown”.

Press the play button and enjoy nonfiction rap from “Da U Boys.”  The imagery of the video fits the flow perfectly as the waters flow and remind of us “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” but ironically  not wasting time…


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“Young Torrento is the definition of what a rapper, let alone what a person should be. He handles his business on the mic and off and because of that, he naturally garners respect.” – Craven, State Run Music Group

As of late, the NOUE has received a tremendous response on our mixtape series. Young Torrento, of the NOUE All-Stars, is one of our artists who appeared on the “2011 Essence Festivalmixtape, as well as “The Allies”. Young Torrento embodies the definition of DEDICATION, no doubt about it.

A strong minded, hard working young man, Young Torrento puts in the time needed to finely hone his craft.  

Young Torrento records, promotes and is learning the ins and outs of the industry, as any artist worth his salt must do. Music is in his blood, as is hustling – hustling in the music game, that is.

NOUE had an opportunity to feature the State Run artist – star of the “Jet Skis & Heinekensmixtape series. Check out what Young Torrento had to say:

NOUE: We understand that 3 of your biggest influences in music were Fiend, Soulja Slim and Rakim. Who were some other musical influences you had growing up? Tell us about that.

YOUNG TORRENTO: My older brother and cousin used to always play hip hop around me and Rakim was always my favorite rapper. Soulja Slim was always my favorite New Orleans artist. He was the realest that ever did it, hands down, and Fiend always influenced me because of the way he commanded his listeners with his voice. Fiend always keeps it real and he has a positive message. I still listen to all of their music – every CD until this day. My mom also played all kinds of music around me. I came up listening to all kinds of music, from Etta James to Patti Labelle, to Bounce, Run DMC, and just about everybody. I love music, but I’m mostly inspired by New Orleans music.

NOUE: You have a strong work ethic – that’s obvious. If Young Torrento had a “mission statement”, what would that be?

YOUNG TORRENTO: Life is a blessing. When you wake up every morning and don’t make the best out of it, you’re the only one to blame!

NOUE: How important is hard work in achieving your goals?

YOUNG TORRENTO: Hard work is the MOST important thing. When you set goals for yourself, it’s like you’re testing yourself. You have something to achieve and the only way to get it is through hard work! Nobody is going to give you anything. You have to earn it yourself.

NOUE: Tell us about your State Run/7 Batts family.

YOUNG TORRENTO: State Run was started by my partner, Richard Smith (Craven). He’s from Independence and he likes my style, so when we linked up, it just clicked. We also have 2 ladies on the label, Ms. Tina Phresh and Ms. Whitney White. We also have a young gunna named Drastic. He’s 16 and the boy a beast. 7Batts is a label I started in 2009 and I run it with my partner, David Schetrompf (Big D). I have a few artists that I’m working with, like a young lady from the 17th named Ms. Nice. We just working slow and trying to make good music, ya heard me.

NOUE: What’s on Young Torrento’s music player right now?

YOUNG TORRENTO: Right now I’m listening to Devious, Majesty Sozai, NOUE ALL STARS and ALLIES, Marsha Ambrosia, Lil Funnel, Bizzy Bee, Na’Tee, Jets and Irongang, Dipset, Game, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Miguel, and that Eminem and Royce the 5’9 joint – my opinion, best album of the year.

NOUE: What artist is on your playlist right now that our readers may be surprised to learn that you listen to?

YOUNG TORRENTO: Probably Marsha Ambrosia. Like, she is one of my favorite artists. I think she is one of the most talented people in the industry. I’ve been a fan of hers since Floetry. One day I can hopefully get her to sing on one of my songs.


NOUE SIDENOTE: Be on the lookout for Young Torrento. With his talent, drive, work ethic, and determination, he is sure to make his mark on the world, all the while representing that New Orleans brand.

New Orleans Union Of Entertainment_The Allies

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1. Ahhh Haaa-Juvenile
2. Thang Thang-Partners N Crime
3. Baby-Fiend
4. Set It Off-Kidd Kidd feat. Jim Jones
5.Scared Money-UTP Skip
6.What It Take-Da U Boys
7. What’s Reality?-Devious
8. Summertime-Young Torrento
9. Extra-Ms. Tee
10. Roof Back-Big Ramp
11.I’m Bout That-Partners N Crime
12. I Respect Game-Cezo
13. Soulja Slim Back-Da U Boys
14. Feel Dis-Majesty Sozey produced by Ice Mike 1200
15. ‘John Keller’-Triple X
16. N.O. Truth-TNC Boys feat.Paul Mooney
17. Whip That-B Eazy
18. City Life-Ron Deuce
19. P3-Young Torrento
20. Feeling You-Craig B. feat Six Shot

Download link:

‘The Allies’: Free World Entertainment Releases Sneak Peek of Mixtape

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New Orleans Union Of Entertainment presents The Allies The Mixtape, a compilation of New Orleans rap artists like Partners N Crime, Da U Boys, Devious, Young Torrento, Big Ramp, Skip, Majesty Sozey, Kidd Kidd and more.

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The Allies is the second release of NOUE All Stars featuring Devious, PNC, Da U Boys, Big Ramp, TNC Boys, Young Torrento, Juvenile, Skip, Fiend, Magesty Sozey and more.
The Allies is a mixtape that clearly represents the streets of New Orleans in its rawest form.
It’s time for the United States music arena and fans to get a better understanding of what New Orleans urban music artists have to offer.” 
The Allies is a consolidation of New Orleans‘ premier veteran and upcoming rap artists.
The first mixtape is already circulating heavily on the internet and blog scene.  Check out NOUE artists on Robgradio,, WQUE-93, and more.
The mixtape is going to be one of the highlight mixtapes in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

“We plan to dispel the myths and stereotypes about New Orleans by giving the listeners a clearer view of the talent in our city.  We are deep in numbers and it’s time for the industry as a whole to welcome us and build a stronger relationship with us which can be lucrative for urban talent in New Orleans and those parties that get with our movement.”

N.O.U.E. 2 U.N.I.T.Y.

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NOUE's Sophomore Mixtape, aptly entitled "The Allies"

Founded less than one month ago, the New Orleans Union for Entertainment, or N.O.U.E., has become a force to be reckoned with – backed by some of the biggest names in New Orleans Music, the N.O.U.E. has already dropped one mixtape and is poised to drop another later this month. Devious, one of the legends of New Orleans‘ own Bounce Music Movement, Partners-N-Crime, the Legendary DJ Erv, and many others associated with the entertainment industry have pulled together and unified for a common cause – the promotion of New Orleans music on an international level.

It’s an idea that is now in its prime, as demonstrated by the large number of downloads of the 2011 Essence Festival Mixtape starring the NOUE All-Stars. If you haven’t already checked out the mixtape, it’s a must hear.

Popular hip hop sites from to The Heat Magazine have given the NOUE mixtape a high ranking – so much in fact, that they are poised to release another highly anticipated banger later this month. Stay tuned for more from the NOUE.

NOUE's Inaugural Mixtape