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New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-The Deployment-911 Mixtape Release

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According to Webster’s dictionary, the word deploy means to spread out for a deliberate purpose. In the world of urban music, the purpose is to collectively advance and overcome unwarranted obstacles says the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars.  In memory of the tragic invasion that occured on September 11th in 2001, another great body of work has been created.  “The Deployment” features Jay Da Menace’s “A Soldier’s Story” which is a tribute to America’s troops.  Timely and appropriate, New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars assemble some of its seasoned artists such as Ghetto Twiinz, Fiend, UNLV, Devious, Mista Meana, Cheeky Blakk, Ms. Tee, the late Tim Smooth, Sporty T., and Soulja Slim.  Be sure to add this memorable anthology to your personal collection as the Crescent City’s finest batch of talent delivers poetic creativity while recalling the incidents of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.  As “The Shutdown” by Da U Boys approaches its release on September 20th, they are also featured along with a cast of young guns like The Show, Majesty Sozey, Young Torrento, and AMG. “The Deployment is a special project centered around our soldiers in music and it pays homage to our common American soldier and citizens who have been affected by unforeseen events in our lifetime.”

PNC & 5th Ward Weebie Bring the Big Easy Bounce Band to Tipitana’s Uptown Friday, 9/2/2011

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Partners N Crime & 5th Ward Weebie are bringing their live band, the Big Easy Bounce Band, to close out Tipitina’s Free Friday concert series. If you didn’t catch this supergroup at Congo Square at Jazzfest this year, come catch them here for FREE.

Location: Tipitana’s Uptown

‎8:00 p.m., Friday, September 2, 2011

‘REAL RECOGNIZE REAL’: Devious Speaks On UNITY & the Latest N.O.U.E. Mixtape To Drop

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Unity is something lacking in a lot of areas of art, and sometimes that pertains to music as well. The newly formed New Orleans Union For Entertainment, or N.O.U.E. as it is known, is the exception to that rule. Together with some of the younger artists, quite a few legendary artists are affiliated with the N.O.U.E. and are the driving force behind its advancement. Devious, Partners N Crime and the Legendary DJ Erv are several of its principals, who are helping to push the envelope of entertainment, where New Orleans music and entertainment is concerned.

In a city known for being one of the music capitals of the world, discord and loosely formed cliques have, in the past, plagued the rise of what could one day be the strongest force in the music industry. Awash with raw and polished talent, the New Orleans area has produced some of the most well known artists, especially in the genres of hip hop and R&B. It was not until now that a majority of the talent pulled together to help put New Orleans on the musical map for real.

Poised to release its third various artists mixtape in as many months, the N.O.U.E. presents “Real Recognize Real”, featuring the late Tim Smooth, Ice Mike, Black Menace, Partners N Crime, Devious, Da U Boys, Cheeky Black, Mia X, Kunta Fly Snooka, Majesty Sozey, The Rap Pack, Ms. Tee, and many more more artists.  The 25 song mixtape maintains consistency as it follows the Essence Festival and Alliesmixtape releases.


“One of the main dilemmas New Orleans has faced over the years as it relates to hip hop is structure. We have always had a ton of talent but only a small amount of industrial structure. NOUE is addressing this concern because most hardworking artists echo this opinion.” – Devious

The N.O.U.E. is an action based collective that features artists in its own blog, on its internet radio affiliate stations, and, The Heat Magazine, Dtv, Ramp Tv, Phat Phat n All That, and other avenues. In addition, the N.O.U.E. is equipped with professionals who offer their services at reasonable rates. As a result, several artists have leaped over the obstacle of rejection and are now making progress in the advancement of their career regardless of their musical style. The beauty of the N.O.U.E. can be likened to “a pot of gumbo,” because the collective supports all genres and levels of hip hop.

The mixtape series consolidates New Orleans rap and allows industry professionals to be able to observe a variety of relevant music all at once, in contrast to finding New Orleans artists in a scattered fashion.

We had an opportunity to interview Devious so we could learn more about the up and coming N.O.U.E., along with its mission, what it seeks to accomplish, and much more:

NOUE: What’s the mission of the NOUE and your vision for it? 

DEVIOUS: The mission is to advance collectively. In the past, our advancement has been limited because of lack of knowledge, opportunity, structure, and rejection.  The vision is one of many: to see New Orleans in an active and professional musical industry environment.  It’s limited thinking to believe that only one form of music is credible. Imagine if rap music was never given an opportunity, where would we be?  So don’t tell me all genres can’t be or won’t be showcased.  If that is the case, then New Orleans Union for Entertainment is at odds with any media organization that censors or streamlines our music into a uni-sound genre.

NOUE: Tell us about the mixtape series and how well it’s doing in terms of exposure and downloads. 

DEVIOUS: The New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars is off to a great start. Exposure is within the U.S. and overseas. The whole idea is to create a movement and cement the name and work of New Orleans rap music.  Thousands of downloads between all the sites, blogs, and forums that our series appeaars on – it’s a unified movement in music.

NOUE: Who are some of the artists who’ve appeared on the mixtape?

DEVIOUS: Partners N Crime, BlaqnMild, Ms. Tee, Fiend, Da U Boys, Mr Magic, Black Menace, Devious, Utp Skip, Cheeky Blakk, Young Torrento, Sess 4 5, Majesty Sozey, Kunta Fly Snooka, Serv-On, Six Shot, Big Ramp, Magnolia Chop, and more.

NOUE: :Some of the veteran members have been in the game literally decades – tell us about that. 

DEVIOUS: Music is universal, timeless – no such thing as time when it comes to the creation of music.  With that being said, greats like the Nevilles, Charlie Wilson, and even our rap vets from New Orleans can maintain consistency in music creation. As far as what’s up with New Orleans Union for Entertainment, we are making sure our music is represented in a proper fashion. We cannot let our music be streamlined to one particular genre. The whole idea is to create a multicultural industry in New Orleans as it relates to music. It’s not coincidental that the majority of basic rap tunes are credited to vets from our city. Like Jeezy says, The Real is Back.

NOUE: Where do you see the city’s music 5 years out, now that we are seeing unity and involvement from all different aspects of the industry. 

DEVIOUS: In five years, I’m not certain.  I know that New Orleans music will prosper to higher heights. More opportunities will come our way. Fifty Cent says New Orleans rappers are active.  I plan on intensifying that activity, hustling in a slightly different way, and carrying the torch for my homies Tim Smooth, Sporty T, DJ Baby T, and DJ Kenny D. Rest in Peace to all the fallen musicians. So if we play our cards right, stay busy and maintain a level of quality, creativity, and determination, we will conquer some of the giants that have blocked us in the past. New Orleans will return to its hotbed era with focus. In five years, we should have a new movement in music with worldwide notoriety. We should make millions with our God-given talents by then.


With unity and perseverance comes success – and so it is with the N.O.U.E.

You can follow N.O.U.E. and Devious on Twitter:


Here’s the lineup for the New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-Real Recognize Real mixtape, a tribute to the late Tim Smooth:

1. Wood Grain – Da U Boys & The Show

2. My Birthday – BLAQNMILD featuring Princess of Crime Mob

3. Around The World – The Rap Pack(Dappa,The Show, K. Gates, Y Dot Luck)

4. Welcome2MyCity – Black Menace

5. Bout Ta Pop It Off – Devious

6. Be Right Back – Eazymoney featuring Skip & Mista Meana

7. Call Me – Jay Da Menace featuring Mia X w/ Kango Slim

8. Stronger Now (Bounce) – Ms. Tee

9. Wobble On It – Redd & Poizon Ivy

10. Y’all Niggas Gone Make Me – Cheeky Black

11. I Gotsta Have It – Tim Smooth (Rest In Peace)

12. Get With Me – Big Ramp

13. Moxie – Kunta Fly Snooka

14. Gotta Do Me – Mista Meana & Ms. Tee

15. Papers (remix) – Hasheem Amin

16. Come Take A Look – Majesty Sozey

17. Game Need Lotion – Eazymoney featuring Reggie Hammin

18. Mic Check – Young Torrento

19. She Rocks – Poizon Ivy, Da Streets 1st Chyna, Redd, & Shabazz

20. Meet Me In Rubensteins – Tim Smooth (Rest In Peace)

21. Superstarz – Ice Mike

22. The One That Got Away – DEE-1 featuring Mannie Fresh

23. For New Orleans – Kooly

24. Ooh La La La – The Rap Pack

25. Put Ya Ballys On – Bust Down


Download the mixtape here:

Some Weekend Wisdom From PNC & ‘So Attracted’ – Partners N Crime (VIDEO)

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It has been said that if you truly love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. That work part may not be true, but if you’re loving what you’re doing, then it won’t feel like work .

One of the most memorable interviews I ever did was with one of the hardest working acts in the industry – PNC – check out an excerpt of what Mista Meana had to say regarding how they have remained a group for so long. He spoke with such fervor and energy, that the love of his craft was blatantly obvious. More importantly, it’s something pertinent that NOUE members can take away from this post. UNITY, LOYALTY, FAMILY, & A LOVE FOR MAKING MUSIC – that’s what it’s all about:

“THE HEAT MAGAZINE: What makes PNC different, as far as Mr. Meana and Kango Slim staying together for years? What is the glue that holds PNC together? You see some groups come and go, but PNC has always been around.

PNC: Loyalty, first of all. We brothers from a different mother, you know what I’m sayin? Friends may fall out or grow apart, but family always finds a way to stay together when it’s a loving family, so we have love for each other and we have respect for each other so we give each other our lanes to do what we do. That’s pretty much been us from the beginning. We have respect for what makes sense and it can come from either one of us at the end of the day, if it all makes sense, that’s what we choose to do as a whole. That’s been our gel for keeping us together. We don’t like the word fan because it’s a word short for fanatic and we don’t really look at people as fanatics. We don’t look at everybody that buy our records as fanatics. We look at them as supporters. We have a good supporting team that make our grind what it is. We try to keep giving people what they love and that’s what makes Partners-N-Crime what it is. That’s what kept us in the game for so long – to have love for what we do and to have respect for what we do. People who support what we do see that about us and push us to make another song. If we wanted to quit today or tomorrow or do another vibe, they’d make us go back to the studio to do it again. That’s pretty much what it’s been – a love and passion for what we do. And more than anything, we put God and family first in everything we do. We know that is so important.”


NOUE SIDENOTE: Don’t let the ground work laid by our N.O. legends be in vain. Exhibit loyalty, unity & the love of the business in all that you do and it will be returned to you in some way, shape or form. BALEEDAT *Big Ramp voice*.

This video (by Rome & Perez) is only several years old, but it’s already a classic, just like everything else PNC touches. Check out our legends, Mista Meana and Kango Slim, the duo who make up Partners N Crime.

‘The Allies’: Free World Entertainment Releases Sneak Peek of Mixtape

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New Orleans Union Of Entertainment presents The Allies The Mixtape, a compilation of New Orleans rap artists like Partners N Crime, Da U Boys, Devious, Young Torrento, Big Ramp, Skip, Majesty Sozey, Kidd Kidd and more.

Follow us @NOUE1 on Twitter or visit us on Facebook.


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The Allies is the second release of NOUE All Stars featuring Devious, PNC, Da U Boys, Big Ramp, TNC Boys, Young Torrento, Juvenile, Skip, Fiend, Magesty Sozey and more.
The Allies is a mixtape that clearly represents the streets of New Orleans in its rawest form.
It’s time for the United States music arena and fans to get a better understanding of what New Orleans urban music artists have to offer.” 
The Allies is a consolidation of New Orleans‘ premier veteran and upcoming rap artists.
The first mixtape is already circulating heavily on the internet and blog scene.  Check out NOUE artists on Robgradio,, WQUE-93, and more.
The mixtape is going to be one of the highlight mixtapes in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

“We plan to dispel the myths and stereotypes about New Orleans by giving the listeners a clearer view of the talent in our city.  We are deep in numbers and it’s time for the industry as a whole to welcome us and build a stronger relationship with us which can be lucrative for urban talent in New Orleans and those parties that get with our movement.”

N.O.U.E.: Best Thing Since the Super Bowl?

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“I think the union is the best thing that has happened to New Orleans since the Saints won the super bowl and thats major #HITZ” – Mista Meana of the legendary Partners-N-Crime

We think the above quote from Mista Meana says it all. It doesn’t get much bigger than the Saints winning the Super Bowl.

That was a day that will forever go down in infamy – just like the day we can all flip on our TVs, computers, radios, phones, and any other electronic device and hear OUR music being blasted around the world. And that day is coming, sooner than a lot of people may think. Baleedat!

This is bigger than Hollygrove, bigger than the Westbank, the 9th Ward, and a hell of a lot larger than even New Orleans itself. N.O.U.E. is a movement for those who want to be seen on a large scale basis – and who need/want positive promotion.

When you have people talking the way we do, you know you’re doing something right.