Real Rap Lives in Louisiana

New Orleans Union For Entertainment is a firm believer that all genres of rap music should have venues to perform in and opportunities to maximize exposure via media outlets.  This is not always the norm.  An artist should never feel subordinate to any other genre of music. When an artist feels this way, it forces the creative process.  Artists make albums in the 21st century and most have to include a “club banger” in order to advance their career. New Orleans Union For Entertainment supports all genres of rap music but a “club banger” should not be a mandate.  It is not a mandate in other states.  Music alignment should be revitalized.  In other words, the clubs and media outlets should play similar music which is not limited to one genre.  When this happens, it is called subjective music alignment or biased music alignment.  This is an issue that will be heavily addressed.  Genre liberation is needed in Louisiana.  In a peaceful process, New Orleans Union For Entertainment will continue to point out areas that can be refined so that the advancement of all genres of rap music can thrive in Louisiana. Please feel free to contact us at @NOUE1 or for more press information or interviews.

One Response to “Real Rap Lives in Louisiana”

  1. Brilliant & thought provoking …. what should be just the beginning of the campaign that we need to wage. Imagine what would have happened had Ice Mike never encouraged artists, Pimp C hadn’t gone on his rants, had Charlie Braxton not begun writing about our artists, had all of the pioneers given up. There would be no nothing right now, but the whitebread, boring run of the mill rappers with no flavor – which means New Orleans would be completely out of the mix. That’s because we have the greatest anywhere in the country. #RealTalk

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