Da U Boys Bring Substance To “Otis” with their “U Mix” “We all We Got!!”


Reviewed by Dion Norman

As September 20 approaches, the will of a man grows stronger.  The will of Da U intensifies as they continue to overcome hurdles in the wavering music industry.  The hardwork will bear its fruits because this group has become a mainstay in New Orleans rap.  It’s much easier to quit when the battle seems tough, but this group is relentless.  Check out Da U Boys on NOUE mixtape series as we anxiously await “Tha Shutdown”.

Press the play button and enjoy nonfiction rap from “Da U Boys.”  The imagery of the video fits the flow perfectly as the waters flow and remind of us “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” but ironically  not wasting time…

2 Responses to “Da U Boys Bring Substance To “Otis” with their “U Mix” “We all We Got!!””

  1. I truly hope the world is paying attention to Da U Boys …… it won’t be long before the entire galaxy knows who they are, where they’re from, etc. ….. Wishing them the best in all of their endeavors.

  2. These are the bricks to the foundation. We can only build from here! With the support Da U Boys are getting it shouldnt be long b4 we see the movement expand! UBoys & UGirls are gonna start popping up everywhere lol…

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