Business Spotlight: Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens

Entreprenuership is in Janell Stephens’ blood. Mother, friend, wife, and master Mixtress, Janell is the developer and owner of Camille RoseNaturals, a natural haircare company, the mission of which is to address the on-going issues of dryness, slow growth and to improve the overall health of naturally curly and textured hair types. More importantly, Janell strives to provide a healthy product that can safely be used on your loved ones. 

Janell is a vegan and mother of five who is a holistic health enthusiast. Camille RoseNaturals was developed and launched as her first line of hair, skin and body care products.

Janell became a vegan about five years ago, which prompted her to begin checking labels in search of all natural and organic ingredients, so that she could ensure that the products she purchased were safe for her family to use – that was before she realized that she could put her own talents to use in making products that are healthy enough to be trusted for use by her own children. 

We poke with Janell recently to find out more about her company and its products. Here is what she had to say:

NOUE: What ultimately led to the creation of your company?

JANELL STEPHENS OF CAMILLE ROSE NATURALS: My company was started as I searched for better ingredients and products for my family, I wanted products that I knew were safe, gentle and that I could trust to use on my youngest of children, but would help give textured hair moisture, while improving health and growth. As I researched, blended and mixed natural ingredients at home, I became a master Mixtress. And after years of testing and trying them on myself, and on my family and friends, I took the very best formulas that provided amazing results to launch the Camille Rose Naturals brand of products.

NOUE: Where did you come up with the name, “Camille Rose”?

JANELL STEPHENS OF CAMILLE ROSE NATURALS: I named the company in honor of my grandmother. She taught me how to be woman who wears many hats. My grandmother was the original Mixtress. She was combined and created natural, home-made treatments to care for and improve the health of her loved ones. She was a woman of strength, grace and knowledge of many things who had a classic elegance that embodied an unspoken beauty and confidence that I felt needed to be shared with the world.

NOUE: Tell  us about your products. What sets them apart from the crowd?

JANELL STEPHENS OF CAMILLE ROSE NATURALS: The nine non-toxic, health promoting products in the Camille Rose Naturals line are hand-blended with the purest and high quality natural and organic ingredients such as Alma fruit, Almond Milk, exotic butters and numerous nourishing oils that promote moisture, growth and healthy curly, textured hair.

NOUE: Where can our readers purchase your products?

JANELL STEPHENS OF CAMILLE ROSE NATURALS: Camille Rose Naturals are available at exclusive specialty stores, boutiques and online at Products retail from $10.00-$15.00. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

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