504riffic - KALI RED

504 to the bone, the NOUE’s own beautiful socialite, Kali Red, knows how to set off a party & keep it going.

Anybody who knows Kali Red can tell you that she’s everywhere there’s anything popping off. What you may not know is how involved Kali Red is in worthwhile functions in and around New Orleans – our resident socialite makes her work look seamless and easy, but it’s not all fun and games. She does works on important projects that includes lifting up her fellow man and woman.

Stay tuned for an upcoming, in-depth feature from The Heat Magazine, where it will focus on the more important work that Kali does – from her work with children to the encouraging and positive words given to those around her, especially females who find themselves in abusive relationships.

Kali Reed – Trendsetta for the 504 & Beyond

2 Responses to “NOUE TRENDSETTA – Kali Red”

  1. Kali’Red….What can I say about this phenomenal woman! I’m so blessed to have met an amazing woman as yourself. She has a Heart of Gold, very outgoing and understanding. A true friend like no other… Congratulations Kali’ you deserve this and so much more.

  2. KaLi' ReD Says:

    OMG!!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! THANK you so very MUCH DiVa Arlene (HeaT MaGaZine)!

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